Poultry and Game Birds

To start the day we were asked to machonnér a duck leg, which is basically removing the leg tendon and scraping excess meat off the bone. This was my first ever attempt and I must say I was super proud of myself. By Butchering your own meat gives you a better understanding of the animal you are working with. duck leg

We then took the duck breasts off the carcass similarly to how you would fillet a fish, keeping your knife as closely as possible to the bone and cutting off the meat. we then began rendering the fat off our duck breasts, a key point in this process is to constantly tip our the duck fat from the pan into a container. do not discard duck fat as it has many uses!

For this dish we suprémed our oranges and set them aside in some of their own liquid, we then added some pommes rissoler as the chef wanted us to practice our cocottes. To present the dish we placed the braised duck leg on top of some watercress, we placed some orange suprémes between every piece of sliced duck breast and added some orange peel as garnish.

Lesson of the day: as orange is a main component on the dish you should highlight it in multiple ways and showcase it in its true form on the plate.

My Duck à l’orange (braised leg and sautéed breast)duck

Growing up in the middle east i have always been fond of rice stuffing when it comes to poultry. This dish was fairly simple although working with a quail was a little more fiddly than I expected.

My Pan-roasted Quail with Rice and Sausage Stuffing. quail

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