Classic + Emulsfied Sauces & Sabyon

Stocks can become sauces through flavour reinforcement, and a binding element that thickens the sauce.

Binding elements that can be used are a roux (1:1 flour to butter) this preparation is allows the flour to be cooked out on the stove. The second method is a Beurre mainé (1:1 flour to butter) mixed together uncooked. you could also use double cream, egg yolk etc..

The Mother Sauces:

  1. Béchamel
  2. Espagnole
  3. Tomate
  4. Hollandaise
  5. Velouté

Classic Sauce Espagnole espagnole

Emulsified sauces

An emulsion is a smooth dispersion of one liquid into another which don’t usually combine. Mayonnaise is an example of an emulsified sauce.



Sweet sabayon sabayon

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