For Beef day we were asked to cook our steaks to our liking, although I prefer a MEDIUM cook on my steak I must admit I cheated slightly cooking all my steaks to MED-RARE as it took much less time and that additional few minutes gave me the opportunity to clean and organise my station and prepare for the next dish which is very important. If your station is not clean and organised it will make your cook more difficult than it needs to be.

My Grilled Strip Loin Steak with Compound Butter and french friesbeef

Chef Veronica teaching us how to properly use and clean a grill 

Chef V rolling up some compound butter for our steakIMG_6229

Tips for getting a good sear on a piece of meat:

1. make sure the meat is properly dried before searing

2. make sure that the pan is piping hot but not smoking

3. when adding meat to the pan make sure not to move it a lot to allow the development of a good crust and color

Beef Medallions with Sauce Bordelaise

To make this amazing dish even better we mounted our bordelaise sauce with bone marrow. To mount a sauce is to add a fat component which can be butter, bone marrow, foie gras etc. This technique adds a buttery-silky finish to the sauce.

Important note: if you mount your sauce with butter or any other type of fat be cautious when reheating as you cannot bring to a boil or the sauce will split.

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