When I stumbled into Takao I had no idea I was going to have food prepared for me by a world-renowned sushi master. Chef Takao Izumida came to Los angeles in the 1980s, his motto is to ‘keep it simple and make everything simply excellent’ in a comfortable environment that makes the customer feel at home. Chef Izumida sticks to tradition while using locally sourced american ingredients. Takao is an absolute gem in brentwood serving high quality food in a casual setting.

I had shishito peppers almost every day in LA as they are on every menu, but these were my absolute favorite.

FullSizeRender (67)

Thinly sliced red snapper sashimi with salt, black pepper, chives, garlic & pink pepper corn with Yuzu & olive oil

Thinly sliced white fish sashimi with chives, ginger, soy sauce, Yuzu and Truffles

Crispy sushi rice & spicy tuna

Tuna nigiri

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