Le Maschou

Le Mascho loosely translated in english means ‘the small pretty house’. The name holds true as the restaurant is a very small hole in the wall up the streets of old cannes. Le Mascho opened its doors in 1963, it was founded by Jean-Claude Braily, a french actor and epicurean. In 1983 the restaurant was taken over by Alain Viotti. Viotti turned Le Mascho into the restaurant it is today, in 2008 Alain Viotti passed down Le Mascho to his son Emmanuel.

Le Mascho serves a three course menu, starting with a basket of fresh locally sourced vegetables with two different salad dressings, the idea is to grab the vegetables you like and create your own personal salad. The second course is bresaola with melon and lemon slices, the third course is either chicken, beef, or lamb which are all grilled or roasted on an open flame. I always opt for the chicken but the beef paired with the spicy mustard is tender, succulent, and something I constantly crave. They also serve dessert but I must admit I can never make it that far into the meal!

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