Le Bacon

Le Bacon is a special place indeed, possessing the skill to turn the most simplest ingredients into refined, and tasteful dishes. Le Bacon was first called the Buffet de Bacon, and was run by the Sordello family who first opened the restaurant in 1948 under a make-shirt roof. At that time the Sordello family sold nicoise tuna sandwiches, beer, and lemonade.

In the 1950’s the restaurant grew into the open cafe it is known for now. They are most famous for their bouillabaisse, and fried fish. In 1979 Le Bacon won its first Michelin star.

Aside from the fantastic food on offer here, the open-air setting overlooking the ocean creates a certain ambiance that is unparalleled. Le Bacon has welcomed lovers of fish for over 60 years, hosting royalty, celebrities, and a refined clientele.

Le Amouse-bouche
Le Bacon’s Fish Fingers
Le Ravioli – Delicate pasta ravioli, filled with a preparation of sea bass and truffles.
Les Poisson – One of the finest fish available locally, freshly caught and marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and herbs
Millefeuille – Napoleon with light cream, strawberries and raspberries
Fraises des bois – Wild strawberries with cream
Double espresso

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