Le Figuier de St-Esprit

Squid ink cannelloni with a shellfish and basil jus, a speciality of the chef created in 1991 for the birth of his younger son, Matthias. Although I had this as a starter it is usually served as a main dish. The chef created two signature dishes one for each of his sons.

Roasted turbot, slices of potatoes and truffles ‘Tuber Mélanosporum”

The Chef’s speciality created in 1988 for the birth of his eldest son, Jordon. Milk-fed saddle of lamb cooked in Vallauris clay casing with a side of gnocchi with black truffle. The chef has been making this dish since the restaurant opened over 20 years ago up he keeps track of how many times he has made this dish as if this dish isn’t special enough a personalised plaque is carved with the number of your dish and is presented in a gold gift box for you to take home I had number 26,530.

Lavander infused créme brûlée

Chocolate fondant with pineapple sorbet

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