The Araki

I was lucky enough to visit the Araki during its opening week, at the Araki you are always seated at the chef’s table with almost every dish prepared by sushi master Mitsuhiro Araki himself.

Mitsuhiro Araki closed his restaurant in Ginza where he held three Michelin stars and moved to London, Uk in 2014 giving people the opportunity to experience ‘Edomae sushi’ which is an authentic style of Japanese cuisine originating over 200 years ago.

The menu revolves around high-end ingredients that the chef sources personally from all over Europe. Chef Mitsuhiro Araki is a true artist tweaking his dishes to suit a european palate he created the most delicious tuna tartare topped with almost a full white Alba truffle, he spares no expense especially since each dinner has to pay a minimum of £300.


Sea bream soup with a little bit of ponzu


Sea bream sashimi with caviar

Steamed abalone


Soy sauce marinated tuna tartare with white truffle

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Chef Mitsuhiro Araki displaying his tuna loin, this was my favorite part of the meal I could never look at the a piece of tuna nigiri the same again. The chef hands you each piece of sushi by hand and recommends that you eat it by hand as that is how it is meant to be eaten.


Unagi nigiri

ebi nigiri
ebi nigiri
salmon nigiri
salmon nigiri
Sea bream
Sea bream

Japanese omelette with white truffle

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