Sonnenhof  This was the first restaurant I visited when I got to Gstaad and it could arguably be my favourite throughout the trip. For our starters we shared the tuna carpaccio with a light wasabi dressing, the beef tartar, and we ordered 2 of the black truffle ravioli because its just that good. For my main dish I had the Fillet mignon that keeps cooking on a very hot plate served with French fries and garlic butter this was one of the best pieces of meat I’ve had my whole life I cannot recommend this place enough.

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Wassengrat A perfect place to stop for a lunch break on the mountain. For my starter I had the vegetable soup which was the soup of the day, and the raclette. Then for my main I had the chopped veal with potato rosti. The quality of ingredients was clear as the food was very fresh just what I needed to get back on my skis.

Olden The Olden Hotel restaurant is one of the best formal restaurants located in Gstaad. Olden serves up a tempting menu that includes house-style tagliatelle, smoked salmon, raclette, Scottish lamb etc. they are most known for their Elephant ear Veal Milanese.


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Beef fondue in hot oil with dipping sauces

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