Kerb at King’s Cross

KERB is located at Granary square, King’s Cross.

5+ Traders are there Tuesday – Friday 12PM – 2PM.


CAPISH? serves up Italian/American sandwiches

My favourite was the crispy breaded Chicken Parm with a Parmesan crust, sautéed chard, marinara sauce, mozzarella, in a polenta crusted bun.

The Bowler specialises in gourmet meatballs made from quality ingredients, free range meat, and is balled by hand.

Lamb & Feta balls with a spiced tomato sauce, and steamed rice

BORN & RAISED british wood-fired pizza

Mother Flipper



Koya is a Japanese cafe-style restaurant that serves up authentic Udon noodle dishes, as well as small plates.

Udon noodles dishes vary from Atsu-Atsu (Hot Udon in Hot Broth), Hiya-Atsu (Cold Udon with Hot Broth), and Hiya-Hiya (Cold Udon with Cold sauce).

I had the Atsu-Atsu Gyushabu which is a hot udon in hot broth with thinly shaved slices of beef that continue to cook through in the hot broth with Tanuki a tempura batter topping.




Today’s Special was a crispy fried dover sole you can eat every part of it. IMG_1756

I wasn’t feeling too well and was kindly offered a hot ginger drink.IMG_1616

The Araki


Sea bream soup with a little bit of ponzu


Sea bream sashimi with caviar

Steamed abalone


Soy sauce marinated tuna tartar with white truffle

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